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Everybody is a Gamer!

Do you remember that we were looking forward to the release of a video game even though we didn’t use a calendar? Clan parties where we gather with friends and spend the entire night at the internet cafe? Or the friend’s house where you play consecutive matches as a pre-league simulation?

Anywise, gaming is one of the first hobbies to leave when you get busier. I had the chance to observe some of the main reasons for this renunciation, which I have been investigating for a long time for different reasons. With your permission, I will name the reasons we put in order to quit this hobby that we love very much and that, in my opinion, allows us to improve in many subjects as well as fun.

The reality of the intensity we encounter as we progress in business life reduces the time we allocate to our hobbies. First we drop everything and everyone delves into the dark depths of their hobby area. At this point, with the enlightenment experienced, we embrace some hobbies again. We are able to return to hobbies such as playing football with friends, going to gym faster. Because companies or our colleagues provide us this environment, these recoveries are very fast and efficient. At this point, we start to use the phrases “whoever wants to take the time” to motivate others.

Yes, the little ones want us to take time to grow up, free of charge, until a certain time. After a certain time, he/she wants to spend time with us. They want to do something with you. Sometimes this is an absurd as imagining a home appliance as a car, sometimes it’s a tea party with interesting guests, and you’re included in these times. If it is computer games that we are very afraid of; It will help you build a better game, increase the little one’s self-confidence, and make them interested in a foreign language… While each game can be another teaching module, we see it as a situation where we think we are successful when we keep it away. You may need to think about it again, what do you think?

I had a hard time calling it an excuse, but does it really require a new investment? Or can we continue the game on our computer at home/office? Maybe not for our favorite game, but I think we can play a lot of games to socialize and relax.

There is one more step to accept all this and return to the game we love so much. Quitting “all or nothing gamerism”. Because today everyone is a gamer! With an analogy, your hobby is fishing, skiing, traveling etc. I admit it is. How much time and effort do you spend on these wonderful hobbies? How many days of the year do you travel, ski or fish? I don’t know why the Gamer rhetoric is touted as just a professional profession, no! You can play 1 game a week, you can only open Steam when the new series of the game you like comes out, these are not shameful or the factors that push you out of the gamer world, they will not happen.

That’s why I am here with a new project to eliminate these excuses or reasons 😊 The e-sports branch of Istanbul Corporate Games, Corporate e-Games, which has been successfully organized by dear Ümit Hallaç and his team for 21 years and followed with interest all over the world, is together in Turkey. I am very happy to organize.

Our goals;
make time for this wonderful hobby with the support of your company in your busy work schedule.
to organize to organize your timelessness
Instead of investing, we want to have a great experience, not just play games, on ready-made and high-tech PCs.

In addition to all this, it is our greatest desire to provide networking opportunities for employees who are interested in the gaming industry to meet, and to create a new community.

Corporate e-Games, which we will do every 3 months, will progress by seasons and for the first CEG 23Q2, 32 teams will participate in CS:GO and 32 teams in FIFA23, I hope it will be a great experience!

If you want to take part in this wonderful experience with your company or learn the details, visit our official website.
See you on June 3, at CEG 23Q2…

Remzi Belhan
Remzi Belhan
Managing Director