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Get the Most out of Facebook Business Manager

Business Manager is a service provided by Facebook that aims to make it easy to manage business tools, assets, and access for employees. It is designed to help businesses/companies manage their Facebook and advertising accounts without being tied to a personal account. The Facebook Business Manager is a tool that allows you to manage one or more Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, and product catalogs from one place. You can grant authorization to your marketing and social media management team without sharing your private information through the Business Manager, enabling them to manage your advertisements and access your pages. The Business Manager also enables you to track the statistics of your posts in great detail.

While you can view data from normal pages (Facebook/Instagram) for up to 90 days, there is no time limit for accessing data on the Business Manager. You can easily obtain monthly, daily, hourly, and even annual results. You can also manage your advertising accounts, applications, payments, projects, target audiences, and products using the Business Manager. Additionally, by integrating your Facebook page with your Instagram account, you can access your advertisements and control your Instagram advertisements on the same platform.

In order to get the maximum efficiency out of your advertisements on Business Manager, we have summarized the things you can do in 5 steps:

  1. Increase the CTR (Click-Through Rate)

    The click-through rate is an area you will work on to reduce the cost of advertising. There are some criteria that you need to pay attention to in order to increase your click-through rate:
  • Make sure your advertisement reaches the right target audience.
  • Select the visual that best describes the service you offer and appeals to your target audience.
  • Adjust the visual colors to match your brand’s corporate identity.
  • The first 8 seconds of your videos are extremely important, so convey the message you want to give within the first 8 seconds.
  • Call to Action is a must-have for an advertisement, such as “Click Now, Try for Free” etc.
  • 2. Track the Relevance Score

The Relevance Score can be defined as the interest score. Facebook calculates the positive and negative feedback from your target audience after showing your ads. That is, the more positive feedback you get from an ad, the higher your interest score will be. If your ad is hidden, complained about, or if you receive any negative feedback, your interest score will also decrease accordingly. The Relevance Score ranges from 1-10. Tracking this score will help you determine your advertising strategy.

  • 3. Use the Retargeting Feature.

Using the Retargeting feature, which means targeting again, at the right time for the right audience is extremely important to increase your conversion rate.

  • Retarget your best-selling products/services.
  • If you have a new collection, introduce it to your audience who already know you with Retargeting.
  • Remind users who have been browsing the internet frequently of your brand, creating brand awareness based on familiarity.
  • 4. Use Facebook Pixel

By tracking detailed information about visitors to your page, you can get ahead of your competitors. By getting your pixel code from the Business Manager, you can track which products your visitors are buying/how much they are spending and improve your advertising performance by tracking your site visitors’ activities.

  • 5. Conduct A/B Tests

You can reduce your Facebook advertising cost by conducting A/B tests on your ads. By comparing the performance of two different ads, you can determine which ad is more effective and improve your advertising efficiency.”

Yaren Bul
Yaren Bul
Brand Digital Partner