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How to Find the Right Influencer for your Brand?

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer Marketing is a form of marketing that supports a brand in reaching its potential consumer audience by introducing its services or products with the help of an influencer. It can also be defined as the sharing of experiences and thoughts by individuals who have gained the interest and trust of users on social media and have a high number of followers. Consumers may need the opinions of different people to clarify their decision before purchasing a product or service. At this point, Influencer, as a social media user with expertise and high followers in their field, comes into play. Influencers create content that will increase brand awareness and interest between their followers and your brand as a contact point.

How is Influencer Selection Done in Influencer Marketing?

When performing Influencer Marketing, the number of followers that the Influencer has does not play a critical role. This is because, a 10K follower Influencer who is suitable for the brand’s corporate identity can have a greater impact than a 100K follower Influencer who is not suitable for the brand’s expectations. At Peak On Air, when selecting Influencers for the brands we provide Influencer Marketing services to, we examine how we follow a certain path.

  1. We Determine the Target First

    We create a strategy in line with the brand’s request. Do they want to increase product or service sales? Do they want to increase website visits? Do they want to increase brand awareness? We analyze all of these and create a strategy plan.
  2. We Take Steps in line with Our Goal

    We evaluate the statistics available in the market regarding the product or service we are targeting and analyze the benefits, and then we structure our strategy in a way that will lead us to potential gain.
  3. We Identify the Target Audience That the Brand is Addressing

    We research the interests of the target audience of the brand and list Influencers on social media who will appeal to this interest area.
  4. We Choose the Influencer

    Selecting the right influencer for the brand is the most critical step in Influencer Marketing. The influencer we choose should have the potential to add value to the brand. Organic following of the influencer, knowledge of the product/service, and being an effective person are some of the characteristics that should be evaluated.
  5. We Communicate with the Influencer

    We communicate with the chosen influencer in a very clear and respectful manner, stating our identities and expectations correctly. Our approach in the first communication plays an active role in clarifying the influencer’s thoughts about the brand and encouraging them to communicate positive ideas to their followers in a careful manner.
  6. We create a special story for the Influencer

    We create a story that will introduce the brand in a way that is consistent with the Influencer’s standards. Having the story we create align with the Influencer’s standards increases trust and sincerity during the promotion, which in turn allows us to achieve the desired effect from Influencer Marketing.
Yaren Bul
Yaren Bul
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